Veils can be so confusing... lets go through a few basics

Every veil manufacturer is different and we all have our own names for our products, for example you may like the look of my 'chapel' length veil, but in a shop it may be called a 'cathedral' length - it's very confusing! To be perfectly sure of the length you need it's always best to use measurements either inches or cms 
Hopefully my illustration may help to guide you

You may have heard the following terms used in bridal shops for example: 'you need a 72, or a 144' these refer to the overall length of the piece of tulle used measured in inches - (decimalisation hasn't really caught on in the clothing industry). This tulle is then cut to shape and size, given a finish (hemmed) then folded to form the 'blush' tier and the 'train' tier.

The first number is the length of the blush, the second is the train - these are in inches and cms

54 - Waist length (25 + 29 or 63.5cms + 73.5cms
72 - Fingertip length (27 + 45 or 68cms + 114cms)
90 - Ankle length (25 + 65 or 63.5cms + 175cms)
108 - Floor length (28 + 80 or 71cms + 2mtrs 4cms)
126 - Long length (26 + 100 or 66cms + 2.54mts)
144 - Extra Long (26 + 118 or 66cms + 3mtrs)  

Tiers or Layers
Traditional veils will generally consist of two tiers the 'blush' and the 'train'. The blush tier is the layer that covers the brides face during the ceremony and is traditionally lifted by her new husband.
The shortest blush tier I produce is approx 20 inches (50cms) this is about as short as you can have a functioning blush tier, but generally they are between 25 inches to 30 inches (63.5cms to 76 cms).

Then there are the single tiers - simple stylish and work really well under bun 'up do' and fall vertically

Finally there is the 3 plus tiers: very dramatic, each layer will produce both height and width, this can be increased by gently separating each layer at the comb.

The Comb
All my veils are supplied with the comb attatched, a small placket ensures the gathers of the tulle stay put and also gives a firm support for the comb