Veils - the fabric, the colours, the many choices


Veil colours:
I can currently offer my veils in the following colours:

Brilliant white -
pure white

Diamond White:
the most confusing, sometimes called Pale Ivory, Antique White, Silk White the easiest way to describe it a Milky white - not quite as dramatic a sounding name but gives the best colour match. 

a standard ivory colour will suite most bridal gowns called ivory


Tulle Fabric:
For my veil collection I use English tulle this has the hexagonal appearance and a soft finish.  This is used widely in the Industry.


Veil edging
I like to keep my veils simple and elegant and I currently offer them with the following edgings:

Cut edge
A wonderfully simple finish, these veils look stunning over elaborate and detailed gowns where a softer look is needed, allowing the line of the veil to blend beautifully into the folds of the gown.

Pencil edge: 
A lovely finish to a delicate fabric, using a special overlocking stitch this gives a smooth continuous flow to the edge of the veil - the most popular finish.

Curled edge: 
A super fine plastic wire follows the edge of the veil creating a light and bouncy curl effect.