Now for the sparkle...

Veil accents
Veils can be adorned in various ways; I use flat backed rainbow (AB) crystals, Half acrylic pearls (ivory only I'm still trying to source a pure white pearl) and now Swarovski Crystals both AB and foil back.

Random scatter:
Accents are randomly scattered approximately 6 - 7 inches (15 -18cms) apart. The blush tier will have the scatterings approximately 7 - 8 inches (18 - 21 cms) apart to avoid the 'spotty' look over the face.

Falling stars or waterfall:
Accents begin light at the top gradually becoming closer near to the lower edge.The scatterings fall approximately 2  - 3 inches (6 - 8 cms) near to the hem.


Edge accents:
Accents are concentrated around the edge of the veil. Scattered approximately 2 - 3 inches (6 -8 cms) apart for a depth of 4 inches (10 cms).

Extra sparkle
Serious 'wow' factor here the accents are spaced approximately 2  - 3 inches (6 - 8 cms) on the lower tier with a light scattering on the blush.
3 x the sparkle 3 x the work delivery can take up to 4 weeks.

Gathering styles
There are three types of gathering styles, the most popular is the half combed or centre gather.

Half combed: this is where the tulle is gathered into the centre and leaves a drop on either side.

Full combed:
this gives maximum fullness by the comb and gives a delicate oval shape to the veil. -Single tier veils are made in this way.


Flat combed
: here there are no gathers at all and the veil is simply attached at the edge as in the case of Mantilla veils (lace edged) or I can apply a tiny
placket onto the veil to mount the comb securely. Most of my veils are available in the above gathering styles and I'd be happy to offer advice on the practicality of these styles.

Top tip:how full a veil looks when worn will depend mostly on the positioning, the higher on the head the more full it will look.